J'Hayber padel rackets with excellent playability and durability

J'Hayber is one of the oldest Spanish sports brands with decades of experience also in padel. 

Plus points for J'Jayber padel rackets:

  • Played on the World Padel Tour by Bebe Auguste, Gaby Reca, Agustín G. Silingo or Miguel Lamperti.
  • For professional players also for ambitious padel players the training and tournament equipment
  • Density EVA core provides strength and precision 
  • Rough surface for reinforcement and acceleration of strokes
  • R-Lap system for more control and speed of the ball
  • Bridge Reinf technology improves playability, control and comfort
  • 12K Carbon High technology gives the club faces maximum durability and resistance for powerful shots

Get more agility and best aerodynamics with the innovatively designed clubs from J'Hayber.

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