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O-Motion Pro Compression Sport Socks black
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O-Motion Pro Compression Sport Socks

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Use the professional compression socks from O Motion before, during or for regeneration after training.

The socks promote blood circulation, warm the muscles and prevent injuries during intensive sports.

This gives you more stamina and keeps you fit longer during a strenuous game.

The compression of the O-motion Pro socks vitalises the lower leg muscles, which makes them:

- prevent injuries

- promote endurance

- stimulates blood circulation

- regenerating 

- promote healing

The special medical compression of this O-Motion sports sock decreases from the foot to the knee and is made of a temperature- and moisture-regulating high-tech material.

Colour: Black
Shoe Size: 35-38
Circumference: S
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The special medical compression of this O-Motion professional compression sock class 2 is decreasing from the foot to the knee.

> This prevents sports injuries, you get more endurance during a match and also regenerate much faster after a tennis match or other sports session and also contributes to faster muscle healing for existing injuries.

> The muscle recovery is improved because the blood circulation is improved and the muscles are warmed up at the same time during the sport.

> This also counteracts premature signs of fatigue.

The sock is made of a breathable quick-drying high-tech material that regulates temperature and moisture.


- for professional sports

- for problems such as calf cramps, torn muscle fibres

- for longer endurance during intensive sports

- as support for the calf muscles

- in cold weather

- for regeneration

Use the professional quality of O-Motion and buy it exactly tailored to you.

Size your socks

To get the right size use your shoe size and take the extent of the point (a) just above the ankle and (b) the calf as you see in the picture.


Size EU UK US m US f
I 35 – 38 2,5 – 5 3,5 – 6 4,5 – 7
II 39 – 42 5,5 – 8,5 6,5 – 9,5 7,5 – 10,5
III 43 – 46 9 – 11,5 10 – 12,5 11 – 13,5
IV 47 – 50 12 – 15 13 – 16 14 – 17


Extent (cm)









b 30 – 36 34 – 41 39 – 47 43 – 51
a 19 – 21 21,1 – 24 24,1 – 27 27,1 – 31


O-Motion Professional Socks

Messpunkte O-Motion Professional SocksMesspunkte O-Motion Professional Socks


Die Farben

Die O-motion Professional Socks sind in drei Farben als Kniestrümpfe erhältlich. Der Strumpf überzeugt auch durch seine auffallenden Farben, die seine sportliche Optik unterstützen.

  • Weiß
  • Blau
  • Schwarz
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