Dynamics Kniebandage Classic
  • Dynamics Kniebandage Classic
  • Dynamics Kniebandage Classic

Dynamics Kniebandage Classic

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The versatile orthopedic care

The Dynamics Knee Support Classic stabilizes your knee with its compressive effect. The seamless, anatomically shaped knit ensures a good fit. In the version with spirals, laterally incorporated metal spirals provide additional stabilization with full mobility.

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The Dynamics knee brace is suitable for the treatment of the following indications:

*Sprains (distortions)

*Contusions (contusions)

*Meniscus damage

*wear-related (degenerative) changes such as joint inflammation (arthritis), joint wear (arthrosis)

*after operations on the knee joint (postoperatively after open and arthroscopic knee joint operations)


In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using the product:

*Skin diseases or injuries in the area of application, especially if there are signs of inflammation such as redness, heating or swelling.

*Sensory and circulatory disorders in the area of application

*Lymphatic drainage disorders as well as ambiguous swellings

Sizing system

  To determine the size of the Dynamics Knee Support Classic, the circumferences below (d) and above (f) the knee and on                                                        the kneecap (e) are measured. Measurement with slightly bent knee!

Sizes Circumference f (cm) Circumference e (cm) Circumference d (cm) 

            41                                 31                                28

2             42,5 - 44                       32,5 - 34                      29,5 - 31

            45,5 - 47                       35,5 - 37                      32,5 - 34

4             48,5 - 50                       38,5 - 40                      35,5 - 37

5             51,5 - 53                       41,5 - 43                      38,5 - 40

            54,5 - 56                       44,5 - 46                      41,5 - 43

Colors and designs

The Dynamics Knee Brace Classic is universally applicable for both the left and right knee and is available in the color skin.


The correct fitting

The correct fit of the Dynamics Knee Brace Classic is necessary for it to be fully effective.

 When putting it on, please note that the bandage tightens towards the bottom. Pull the bandage over the leg at the further end. The bandage fits correctly when the incorporated knee zone runs over the knee and ends in the hollow of the knee.

Good to know

Initial fitting and application of the product as well as instruction in proper, safe use must be performed by trained medical/orthopedic personnel.

Wear the product directly on the skin. It may only be worn on intact skin. If it is to be worn in combination with other products, please discuss this with your physician beforehand.

Unless otherwise prescribed, the product should be taken off during longer periods of rest (e.g. when sleeping).

If you experience any discomfort, pain or discomfort while wearing the product, discontinue use and contact your doctor or dealer.

The correct use of the Dynamics Classic knee brace.

Please observe the following instructions for washing and caring for your support:

  Please wash the support before first use and regularly thereafter.

Wash the support separately in a laundry bag at a maximum temperature of 30° C. Use a mild detergent without any additives. Use a mild detergent without softeners (e.g. Ofa Clean special detergent) and rinse the support well. It can be spun gently, but please do not wring it out.

Shape the bandage and let it air dry. Please do not dry the bandage in the dryer, on the heater or in direct sunlight and do not iron it.

To maintain the quality of the bandage, please do not use dry cleaners, bleach, gasoline or fabric softener.

Do not apply any greasy or acidic agents, ointments or lotions to the skin in the application area. These substances can attack the material.

Store the bandage dry and protected from sun and heat, if possible in the original packaging.

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