Akkeron padel rackets of the extra class

The finest craftsmanship - made in Spain!

Akkeron padel rackets are characterised by years of research, the highest quality standards and manual production systems.

The biggest Akkeron advantage is

  • CLOSED BRIDGE for above-average vibration damping
  • LARGER SWEETSPOT for more control
  • SPECIAL SOFT RUBBER for more power, acceleration, better ball release and vibration dampening
  • GRAPHENE INSIDE TECHNOLOGY for 20% more power, strength, elasticity and durability
  • FLAT PRESSED special fusion technology of the high quality 5K carbon layers 
  • LEGACY HAND FINISHING SYSTEM unique with epoxy resins for excellent break resistance 
  • CIRCULAR DRILLING-SYSTEM with own drilling system for percet ball release
  • BIDIREKTIONAL CARBON FRAME - reinforced raw material in the bat for optimal balance and durability
  • EIGHT-SQUARE HANDLE for more grip, control, freedom from injury

Akkeron padel rackets are 100% made in Madrid and will take you to the next level in no time.

Play your way to the highest level!

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