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We offer you a wide range of padel equipment from the top brands Akkeron, Black Crown, Head, J'Hayber Nox, Starvie, Tacchini, Wilson, Toalson, Push, Dynamics, Hitpartner and ARIV. 

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  • Starvie

    High quality Starvie padel rackets for every level of play

    Starvie Padel is a leading Spanish company in the world of padel tennis since 2002, responsible for countless padel projects, building padel courts, managing padel clubs and schools and manufacturing padel equipment. 

    StarVie convinces through:

    • best materials and latest technologies
    • extreme durability and safe good feel with excellent balance of power and control
    • Carbon, Basalt offers highest durability and exceptional performance
    • Tubular Extreme Spot with larger SweetSpot achieves perfect ball release
    • Full-Balance-System shape provides excellent playing characteristics in every situation
    • Full Plane Effect - surface roughness brings maximum precision and acceleration
    • Soft rubber provides best comfort for enormous acceleration

    Every year the brand presents its masterpieces of superior performance and great design - carefully crafted in Spain down to the smallest detail.

  • Nox

    Nox padel rackets with quality certificate - NOX is the top padel brand!

    NOX padel rackets have been awarded by "Quality Certificate of Testea" with three objectives:

    1. The same racket models must behave the same when playing
    2. The padel racket must keep its performance for a long time
    3. Breakage resistance and durability are tested for correctness

    NOX is one of the most famous Spanish padel brands founded in Barcelona.

    Padel talents like Miguel Lampertiund, Franco Stupa and Augustin Tapia won countless padel tournaments, including the World Padel Tour.

    Nox Padel racquets are characterised by:

    • great power 
    • excellent control 
    • arm protection 
    • maximum durability 
    • best materials and latest technologies
    • great performance 
    • eye-catching design

    NOX slogan: "NOX makes you better". 

  • J´Hayber

    J'Hayber padel rackets with excellent playability and durability

    J'Hayber is one of the oldest Spanish sports brands with decades of experience also in padel. 

    Plus points for J'Jayber padel rackets:

    • Played on the World Padel Tour by Bebe Auguste, Gaby Reca, Agustín G. Silingo or Miguel Lamperti.
    • For professional players also for ambitious padel players the training and tournament equipment
    • Density EVA core provides strength and precision 
    • Rough surface for reinforcement and acceleration of strokes
    • R-Lap system for more control and speed of the ball
    • Bridge Reinf technology improves playability, control and comfort
    • 12K Carbon High technology gives the club faces maximum durability and resistance for powerful shots

    Get more agility and best aerodynamics with the innovatively designed clubs from J'Hayber.

  • Head

    HEAD - the Austrian experienced racket company also in padel

    HEAD also convinces with innovative development systems for padel rackets:

    • SMART BRIDGE adapts to the needs of the respective racket.
    • ANTI SHOCK SKIN convinces with unique polymer material and offers ultimate protection for more durability and scratch resistance.
    • TAILORED FRAME - Each tube section is individually designed to deliver the best performance.
    • POWER FOAM for maximum power and speed.
    • OPTIMIZED SWEET SPOT for the perfect point of impact. 
    • AUXETIC deformation for powerful shots.
    • GRAPHENE INSIDE - Carbon for a strong frame, more stability and optimised ball release.

    Find your top HEAD padel racket at the best price in our shop! 

  • Black Crown

    Black Crown padel rackets - tested by professional players

    Black Crown is one of the biggest, best known and highest quality padel racket brands. 

    Professional players such as Marta Marrero - 2nd in the women's world, Sandra Hernandez, Aitor Garcia, Raul Marcos and Albert Nogueras play and test Black Crown rackets.

    Balck Crown padel rackets are characterised by: 

    • high-quality materials
    • latest technologies
    • balanced grip 
    • excellent playability due to optimal ergonomics
    • long durability
    • latest models and modern design
    • manufactured in Spain

    Experts from Padelbrands will advise you personally.

  • Akkeron

    Akkeron padel rackets of the extra class

    The finest craftsmanship - made in Spain!

    Akkeron padel rackets are characterised by years of research, the highest quality standards and manual production systems.

    The biggest Akkeron advantage is

    • CLOSED BRIDGE for above-average vibration damping
    • LARGER SWEETSPOT for more control
    • SPECIAL SOFT RUBBER for more power, acceleration, better ball release and vibration dampening
    • GRAPHENE INSIDE TECHNOLOGY for 20% more power, strength, elasticity and durability
    • FLAT PRESSED special fusion technology of the high quality 5K carbon layers 
    • LEGACY HAND FINISHING SYSTEM unique with epoxy resins for excellent break resistance 
    • CIRCULAR DRILLING-SYSTEM with own drilling system for percet ball release
    • BIDIREKTIONAL CARBON FRAME - reinforced raw material in the bat for optimal balance and durability
    • EIGHT-SQUARE HANDLE for more grip, control, freedom from injury

    Akkeron padel rackets are 100% made in Madrid and will take you to the next level in no time.

    Play your way to the highest level!

  • Tacchini

    Sergio Tacchini padel rackets with excellent playability!

    Sergio Tacchini padel rackets are Italian-designed models that are 100% handmade in Spain in Barcelona.

    Tacchini racket advantages:

    • exclusively selected materials and technologies
    • excellent manoeuvrability
    • excellent virbration
    • targeted control
    • explosive power
    • special coating with thermal protection against weather influences
    • very long durability and resistance
    • extra carbon reinforcement in the flex areas
    • specially set, accurate sweet spot

    With Sergio Tacchini padel rackets you can reach your best level of play.

    Experts from Padelbrands will advise you personally.

  • Wilson

    Wilson padel rackets - the best padel rackets at the best price

    Wilson padel rackets are of high quality. 

    Wilson padel rackets are aimed at players of all levels with the optimal material combinations.

    Wilson has been a leader in racket products for more than a century. 


    • Carbon fibre composite material provides more power 
    • Sharp Hole technology provides more acceleration and control 
    • Carbon-fibreglass construction promises extreme resistance and durability
    • Special EVA rubber offers best comfort, control and good ball release

    Wilson padel racquets propel your game.

  • Toalson

    TOALSON padel rackets with quality award

    Toalson is a Japanese manufacturer in the racket sector that has been convincing with the latest technology, highest quality and best performance since 1965. After years of research, Toalson has now also developed padel rackets for all-round and tournament players that have passed countless quality tests. Convince yourself of the excellent playability.

    Advantages of TOALSON padel rackets:

    - Quality-tested padel racket 

    - State-of-the-art technologies and materials

    - Premium carbon construction for excellent manoeuvrability and targeted control

    - Improved sweetspot technology for more safety

    - EVA Soft Premium rubber for maximum acceleration, vibration damping and durability

    - Safe playing feel offers protection against padel arm

    Goal: perfect symbiosis of strength, stability, control, power, accuracy and rapid increase in playing level

    With Toalson padel rackets, you will impress on the court.

    Experts from Padelbrands will advise you personally.

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