Nox padel rackets with quality certificate - NOX is the top padel brand!

NOX padel rackets have been awarded by "Quality Certificate of Testea" with three objectives:

  1. The same racket models must behave the same when playing
  2. The padel racket must keep its performance for a long time
  3. Breakage resistance and durability are tested for correctness

NOX is one of the most famous Spanish padel brands founded in Barcelona.

Padel talents like Miguel Lampertiund, Franco Stupa and Augustin Tapia won countless padel tournaments, including the World Padel Tour.

Nox Padel racquets are characterised by:

  • great power 
  • excellent control 
  • arm protection 
  • maximum durability 
  • best materials and latest technologies
  • great performance 
  • eye-catching design

NOX slogan: "NOX makes you better". 

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