TOALSON padel rackets with quality award

Toalson is a Japanese manufacturer in the racket sector that has been convincing with the latest technology, highest quality and best performance since 1965. After years of research, Toalson has now also developed padel rackets for all-round and tournament players that have passed countless quality tests. Convince yourself of the excellent playability.

Advantages of TOALSON padel rackets:

- Quality-tested padel racket 

- State-of-the-art technologies and materials

- Premium carbon construction for excellent manoeuvrability and targeted control

- Improved sweetspot technology for more safety

- EVA Soft Premium rubber for maximum acceleration, vibration damping and durability

- Safe playing feel offers protection against padel arm

Goal: perfect symbiosis of strength, stability, control, power, accuracy and rapid increase in playing level

With Toalson padel rackets, you will impress on the court.

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